Sanga cattle make history at the ADMA Agrishow

Nkone bull struts his stuff

The final day of the ADMA Agrishow was a history-making moment for Zimbabwean cattle. For the very first time, a combined auction showcasing the country's indigenous Sanga breeds - the Mashona, Nkone, and Tuli - took centre stage.

Held on Africa Day itself, the sale was a fitting tribute to these "unsung heroes" of the nation's livestock industry. Located conveniently at the showgrounds, the holding pens became a constant buzz of activity throughout the three-day event, attracting visitors eager to see the cattle.

As such, these visitors to Zimbabwe's premier agricultural showcase were treated to a display of Mashona, Nkone, and Tuli cattle breeds, collectively celebrated as the Sanga “superstars”. The atmosphere was reminiscent of traditional agricultural exhibitions, evoking a sense of nostalgia for many of the show-goers.

Uniting Indigenous Breeds Societies

In a collaborative effort, Zimbabwe's indigenous breed societies came together, providing a showcase for these resilient cattle breeds that play such a vital role in the country's agricultural sector. As such, the auction was a celebration of homegrown excellence.

The Mashona, Nkone, and Tuli breeds are known for their hardiness, adaptability, and fertility. For many years, have proved they're powerhouses not just in Zimbabwe, but across the globe. From America to Australia and South Africa, these breeds are recognised for their valuable contributions to beef herds.

The auction itself was unlike the usual quiet transactions at CC Sales’s weekly sales at Mount Hampden. This event pulled in the crowds and seasoned auctioneer Kevin Higgins expertly orchestrated the bidding as eager buyers competed for the cattle.

Sales statistics


  • 3 bulls: Highest price of USD 4,250, lowest price of USD 1,800, average price of USD 2,850.
  • 2 heifers: Highest price of USD 1,700, lowest price of USD 1,500, average price of USD 1,600.
  • 4 pregnant heifers: Highest price of USD 1,700, lowest price of 1,550, average price of USD 1,587.50.


  • 3 bulls: Highest price of USD 3,000, lowest price of USD 2,750, average price of USD 2,916.
  • 10 cow & calf pairs: Highest price of USD 2,100, lowest price of USD 1,000, average price of USD 1,490.


  • 4 bulls: Highest price of USD 5,000, lowest price of USD 3,500, average price of USD 4,050.
  • 4 heifers: Each sold for USD 1,200.
  • 1 pregnant cow: USD 1,500.
  • 9 pregnant heifers: Highest price of USD 1,700, lowest price of USD 1,400, average price of USD 1,611.11.


Chairman Mark Hook of the Zimbabwe National Indigenous Breeds Sale (ZNIBS) expressed his delight with the event's success, crediting the ideal venue for generating significant public interest in these remarkable cattle breeds.

For those who missed this extraordinary event, be sure to mark your calendars for next year's edition. If this year’s offering was anything to go by, next year’s edition promises an experience that is not to be missed.

Can't wait that long for more auction action? Get ready for the upcoming ZHB National Sale scheduled for July 26 at the CC Sales Mount Hampden pens.

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