Crops and Cereals

Winter wheat: Government prioritises domestic production

By Staff Writer / July 1, 2024 /

Following the declaration of a state of disaster (April 3, 2024) due to drought, the Government of Zimbabwe has embarked on an aggressive wheat-based food security program this winter. It…

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A race against time to feed the nation

By Staff Writer / March 6, 2024 /

Every September, the Meteorological Services Department of Zimbabwe annually convenes its National Climate Outlook Forum, where the seasonal rainfall forecast for the upcoming rainfall season is presented to national stakeholders.…

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Mycotoxins: what are they and how to prevent them

By Staff Writer / February 17, 2022 /

Mycotoxins: What are they and how to prevent them? Even though it is not often asked what mycotoxins are or how they can be prevented, the toxins still remain detrimental…

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Improving livelihoods with crop diversification

By Staff Writer / January 26, 2022 /

Improving Rural Livelihoods in Zimbabwe through Crop Diversification. Many rural communities across Africa – Zimbabwe inclusive – and other developing regions of the world depend on agriculture for survival, either…

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