Curbing deforestation to preserve our indigenous trees

By Staff Writer / April 11, 2024

Zimbabwe has a long and proud history of exporting tobacco and as nearly all of the national crop is exported annually, it remains a key contributor to our GDP. It…

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A nationwide State of Disaster has been declared by the President of Zimbabwe

By Staff Writer / April 5, 2024

A nationwide State of Disaster has been declared by the President of Zimbabwe, His Excellency, ED Mnangagwa, following the climate change-induced drought. Speaking on Wednesday April 3, 2024, the President…

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Kutsaga Welcomes New Executive Director of Production and Operations

By Staff Writer / April 5, 2024

Harare, Zimbabwe – The Tobacco Research Board (TRB), known to many by its trade name Kutsaga, is proud to announce a significant milestone in its leadership team with the appointment of…

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Important considerations when making quality silage

By Staff Writer / April 4, 2024

By General Beven Mundida (Livestock consultant) Contact +263 776 420 161 Fast fact: Making silage requires a lot of labour and attention, but if it is tackled with care, a…

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Surviving lean times: The importance of making on-farm feed

By Staff Writer / March 19, 2024

As Zimbabwe heads into the dry winter months following an El Niño-influenced summer rainy season, ensuring the survival and well-being of your beef cattle must be paramount. One essential strategy…

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Enhancing Farm Productivity with Crop Maps

By Staff Writer / March 15, 2024

Proper resource management is a diamond in the crown of today’s agriculture. It is what helps to support the balance between productivity increase and environmental sustainability. At the heart of…

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