ADMA Agrishow showcasing all things farming since 2016


Once a year, the Agricultural Dealers and Manufacturers Association (ADMA) hosts the Agrishow, providing a venue and an opportunity for all players in the industry to come together to exhibit a wide selection of agricultural products including tractors, implements and a vast range of other equipment and inputs.

The ADMA Agrishow, held in Harare, is currently the largest agricultural machinery, services and inputs exhibition in the country. As such, it has, in its short history, become an important and highly anticipated annual event on the farming calendar, be it for the farmer as a customer or the industry as a supplier.

The ADMA Agrishow was launched in early June 2016, at the Thorn Park polo grounds on the outskirts of Harare with an initial exhibitor size of 75, showcasing water management specialists, tractors, inputs and implements. During the show, there were 26 field tests demonstrating the latest agricultural technology.

The following year, it was again held at Thorn Park. By this time, word had spread about the success of the first show and interest in it grew. As demand from companies wanting to participate in the show grew, the size of the venue now had to do so too.

In 2018 the venue moved to the Borrowdale racecourse to accommodate the growing exhibitor size (by now numbers of exhibitors had more than doubled) and was held there again in 2019. Starting as a two-day show, it has now become a three-day event, held in the cooler, dry winter month of June. The timing of the show is deliberate, being staged at a time so as not to clash with other regional shows such as the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show, AgriTech Expo Zambia and Nampo in South Africa, but to also allow for lead time on any orders taken during the show in time for the coming agricultural season.

In 2020 and 2021, in line with all things COVID-19 regarding the suspension of all gatherings and public events, the show was put on hold. In 2022, following the relaxation of Covid regulations, the show was resumed.

A wet ADMA 2022 at Borrowdale Racecourse

As demand for exhibitor space grew, the show outgrew its Borrowdale racecourse venue. In 2023, it was held at ART Farm, Pomona, for the first time. The venue offers the show scope to grow and develop and this year’s exciting development will be the first-ever combined indigenous cattle breed societies auction sale, to be held on Africa Day, Saturday, May 25.

His Excellency Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe officially opening ADMA 2023

(Images credit: Mike Wall)
(Images credit: Mike Wall)

The Show's history, background

ADMA was formed in 2015 and at present, comprises membership of nearly 30 locally-based companies. It was formed to promote proper standards of service and ethical trading conditions and ensure that these are maintained throughout the agricultural supply chain. It oversees members’ interests, takes concerted action where necessary and gives guidance to the legislator authorities on legal matters and procurement

“The initiative behind our Agrishow is a once-a-year opportunity for industry players to interact with farmers, enabling the farming community to identify and compare products that offer cost-saving advantages and concepts. Our farmers’ viability depends on innovative and cost-effective farming practices, irrigation and best farming practices have to be implemented for our farmers to succeed,” ADMA chairman Marco Garizio says.

As such, the showcase event has taken off in popularity among the public and businesses alike. In many instances, regional salespeople and technical experts come from beyond our borders to network with our farmers.

In all, there have been six Agrishows and demand has never been higher for this, the premier showcase of all things agricultural.

ADMA 2024

ADMA Agrishow 2024, the premier agricultural event of the year, taking place at the Agricultural Research Trust (ART) Farm (Off Harare Drive) from May 23 to May 25, 2024.

Together, let's celebrate the resilience and advancement of our farming community. This show is more than an event; it's a testament to our collective passion for agriculture.

Why attend?

  • Showcase of Excellence: Join the congregation of top agricultural dealers and manufacturers, gathered to exhibit their latest offerings in the Zimbabwean market.
  • Static Exhibits & Live Demonstrations: An unparalleled platform to witness tractors, machinery, and equipment in action, tailored to our soil types and farming conditions.
  • Direct Comparisons: Evaluate and compare leading tractor brands and agricultural implements side by side, making informed decisions for your farming needs.
  • Product Highlights: Discover special features, cost-saving techniques, and innovative concepts through in-depth demonstrations.
  • Networking Hub: Forge lasting relationships with machinery and equipment suppliers, fertiliser and agrochemical companies, seed producers, irrigation specialists, financial institutions, and myriad other agricultural supply entities.

A Snapshot of Activities:

  • Interactive sessions with industry experts
  • Engaging product demonstrations
  • One-on-one consultations with agricultural professionals
  • Exclusive access to the latest farming technologies and services

Special Event:

Don't miss the Zimbabwe National Indigenous Breeds Sale on May 25, 2024, featuring the finest of our indigenous Mashona, Nkone, and Tuli cattle breeds.

Mark your calendars for a transformative experience at the ADMA Agrishow 2024!

Event Details:

  • Dates: May 23-25, 2024
  • Venue: ART Farm, Off Harare Drive

For more information, please check out the ADMA website 

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