Zimbabwe Tobacco Association

108 Prince Edward Street, Milton Park

Who are Zimbabwe Tobacco Association?
We are a recognised growers association formed in 1928.

What are the objectives of the Zimbabwe Tobacco Association?

To promote and develop the flue-cured tobacco industry in Zimbabwe and advance and protect the interests of all sections and classes of producers in any way that may seem desirable to the Association and without in any way restricting or limiting the general object.

  • Represent grower concerns and views on all tobacco related issues.
  • Provide tobacco marketing information on local and international markets.
  • Costs of production and cash flow analysis.
  • Linkages with contract growing companies.
  • Represent grower concerns and views at various tobacco related forums.
  • Holds consultations with tobacco input suppliers and financial institutions.
  • Facilitates in coal procurement and logistics.
  • Direct representation at the National Employment Council for Agriculture.
  • Linkages with tobacco training and research institutes like BAI and TRB.
  • Small Scale development, extension and field days.
  • Promotes sustainability, agriculture labour practices and good agricultural practices.
  • Quarterly Magazine – Zimbabwe Tobacco Today.
  • Email Alerts, WhatsApp group and “Dear Growers” letters on current issues.
  • Facebook Zimbabwe Tobacco Association and Twitter @TobaccoZimbabwe
  • Founding member of the International Tobacco Growers Association (I.T.G.A.).
  • Tobacco growing districts representation though the associations Councillors.
  • Hold monthly Councillors’ Meetings.
  • Tobacco growing district discussion Groups.
  • Offer legal representation on tobacco related issues.
  • Valued Industry stakeholder at TIMB, TRB and national level.
  • Send SMS on Marketing Issues, short courses & any other important events.
  • Afforestation work with forestry commission and SAA in promoting sustainable afforestation.
Where to find us