The Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Association (ZFRPA)

The Zimbabwe Free Range Poultry Association (ZFRPA) is a membership based organisation which seeks to promote healthy living through the production, marketing and consumption of free range poultry in Zimbabwe and beyond.

We are here to make free range poultry, the bird of choice; it’s natural, healthier, tastier! Our Trust orgnisation was born out of the need to promote the upliftment of communities through the promotion of sustainable free range poultry farming and marketing.

ZFRPA is open to membership of any Zimbabwean citizen or organisation interested in free range poultry value chain development.

ZFRPA was formed with the vision to commercialise free range indigenous poultry – best known as ‘backyard poultry’ – which includes chickens – commonly known as ‘roadrunners’ – turkeys, guinea fowl, duck and quail.

Our overall goal is to enhance food security, nutrition and household incomes through sustainable commercialisation and marketing of free range poultry and quail across Zimbabwe and beyond.

Benefits of ZFRPA membership are:

  • Capacity Building – training access to appropriate technology and finance
  • Group Marketing – linkages to local, regional and international markets
  • Information Generation, Management and Dissemination – through various platforms and media
  • Inputs and Service Discounts to valid ZFRPA cardholders – through value chain actors and key stakeholders
  • Group Importation and Exportation – of both machinery and free range products
  • Networking – through various platforms and activities
  • Advocacy – with key free range poultry value chain enablers and stakeholders