Speroni Irrigation

13 Dumfries Corner Bristol Road, Workington, Harare

Speroni Irrigation, Mining and Industrial Supplies (Pvt) Ltd is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company which was established in 2006 to distribute the most comprehensive range of Irrigation, Drainage, Borehole and well pumps, pipes, fittings, valves, and pipeline accessories in all recognized materials. As the official distributor of Speroni (Italy) water pumps in Zimbabwe, we are a fast growing and innovative organization and since inception, Speroni has become one of the leading suppliers of comprehensive water solutions to most industries including civil, agricultural, mining, manufacturing, construction and chemical sectors, as well as individuals utilizing our products. We have a diverse range of products covering the application of irrigation, water supply, pressure boosting, circulating, gardening, cooling systems, drainage and water treatment.

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