Roc Systems

Lot 5 of Lot 1, Veradale, Chinhoyi
ROC Systems is a tobacco curing solution supplier that services customers all over Zimbabwe. The primary products that we manufacture are tobacco tunnels, chongis, chongi and modro conversions and commercial and seed maize dryers. We make 8 different tunnel sizes, capable of handling 10ha 20ha, 30ha, 35ha, 40ha, 50ha, 60ha and 70ha crops in a single planting.
Our technical team has designed a unique heat exchanger which operates on a dry heat system, thereby eliminating the necessity for a boiler unit and the high maintenance costs. The heating system has also been designed to reduce operating costs to the customer by considerable reductions in coal usage, diesel for generator power and electricity costs.
Our philosophy has been to improve every aspect of the tobacco curing process. In our flagship product, the Super Ecotunnel, this is reflected by increased operational efficiencies and significant cost reductions.
Our systems are designed to be highly versatile in application. Our industry-reach has the potential to extend well beyond tobacco. For example, the ROC Systems heating system could be adapted for commercial use in dryers for grain, coffee, onions, macadamias and paprika.

Additionally, we manufacture roofing structures and supply roof sheets for sheds, as well as the manufacture of other steel structures as per our customers requirements.

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