Organic Enriched Fertilizer

10417 Arthur Klucklow Ave, Chitungwiza Industrial Site, Zengeza, Harare

Organic Enriched Fertilizer Blends; Organic enriched fertilizers are unique, special fertilizer blends manufactured by Orgfert. They are an integration of high quality biodegradable organics, granulated and scientifically formulated and blended with chemical or inorganic fertilizer raw materials. The organic enriched fertilizers provide crops with adequate primary nutrients, nitrogen (N) phosphorus(P) and potassium(K), secondary nutrients and micro nutrients, such as boron(B), calcium (ca), magnesium(mg) and zinc (zn). Organic enriched fertilizers are carbon based fertilizers that economically and profitably increase the productivity and growth quality of crops. Organic enriched fertilizers help in maintaining and improving soil structure, soil nutrient and water holding capacity, soil fertility build up and restoration. Organic enriched fertilizers are environmentally friendly, reducing chemical contamination to the environment. Orgfert in Zimbabwe officially registers its organic enriched fertilizers with the Department of Soil and Chemistry in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

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