Norton Leaf Tobacco

92/98 Plymouth Road, Southerton Harare

Norton Leaf Tobacco is a global provider of DFC and FCV Burley tobacco, with headquarters in Zimbabwe. Having been registered in 2018 and focusing on the leaf and agronomy business, the company offers reasonably priced, high-quality leaf goods to the general public.
The business has access to top-notch facilities for handling raw tobacco, packing, storing, threshing, re-drying, stripping, and processing cut rags. There are also laboratories available for quality monitoring. Our staff has knowledge of what clients need in order to sell to markets in China, Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. With two licenced contract floors and a class “A” buyers’ licence, Norton Leaf Tobacco expanded into contract farming in 2020. In order to store tobacco from more than 1900 contracted tobacco growers around Zimbabwe, Norton Leaf Tobacco operates a state-of-the-art warehouse.

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