196 Harare Drive, Borrowdale, Harare

Maguires is an agricultural company founded in 2002 and based in Harare, Zimbabwe. Starting small, the company has grown into an extensive operation, conducting business out of two branches. Hwange Colliery has allowed us to become a notable figure in Zimbabwe’s agriculture sector. We believe we
provide our clients with the inputs needed to succeed in Africa, helping to create an environment where all who work with Maguires experience ‘Agriculture made better’.

We supply fertilizers, chemicals, coal and other agricultural necessities countrywide. We hold direct distribution agreements with Kynoch (ETG), Bayer, Syngenta and Nova Agrochemicals. We have a strong focus on tobacco crops, distributing over 35,000 tonnes of high specification tobacco blends under the Kynoch/ETG Global brand.

Where to find us