Green Golden Leaf Tobacco

58 Gleneagles Road, Southerton, Harare

The company Green Golden Leaf Tobacco [GGLT] is involved in the value addition of the tobacco value chain. It engages in flue-cured tobacco contract farming that is sustainable and mindful of international agricultural standards. In addition to processing and packing green tobacco for export to overseas purchasers, GGLT is a leaf merchant that takes part in tobacco auctions held in Zimbabwe. In order to expand its market share and establish itself as a trustworthy and dependable provider of processed tobacco, chopped rag, and crop byproducts, the company is reaching out to foreign businesses. The company hopes to become one of the top suppliers of premium tobacco in the world while also upholding good corporate citizenship. We want to be known for giving tobacco farmers outstanding service and for uplifting local communities in the sake of sustainable growth.

Where to find us