76 Lytton Road, Unit 5, Workington Harare, Zimbabwe

Fueltec was registered in 1996 as part of the now defunct Randalls Holdings Group and started operating, as an independent company in 2003. The initial focus of the company was the supply and support of Aviation Refueling Equipment to the regional aviation industry. Through constant research and market analysis the company came to the realization that the petrochemical industry needed a one-stop shop for all equipment, service and consultancy. Today Fueltec offers end-to-end solutions for the petrochemical industries with particular emphasis to the petroleum industry. Our products and services cover every stage of the fuel supply chain from bulk fuel handling, retail, commercial and individual operators. Headquartered Headquartered at 76 Lytton Road in Workington, Harare, Fueltec prides itself in having a team of dedicated and loyal staff who are our most valuable asset as their contribution has seen the company grow from strength to strength over the years.

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