Fivet Animal Health

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Fivet, your partner in profitable animal production.

Since 2002 Fivet has partnered with commercial farmers in creating long term conditions for growth through increased efficiency of their existing commercial livestock and poultry ventures while subsistence and small scale livestock and poultry farmers have benefitted from Fivet’s tried and tested management procedures and products, enabling steps to be taken towards sustainable commercial production.

Our network of Fivet branches and third party agro-dealer stores around Zimbabwe make our products easily accessible to everyone.

Fivet supports the success of your livestock and poultry venture every step of the way. With over 680 products covering all aspects of animal production including disease prevention, therapeutic drugs, sanitisers, environmental control products, equipment and instruments, as well as a wide range of nutritional basemix and lick block feed products.

All Fivet feed products are composed of imported vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements formulated according to the actual nutrient values. Our nutrition laboratory routinely uses near infrared reflection spectroscopy (NIR) to determine these actual values. Urease tests are carried out on processed soya meal while micotoxins levels are evaluated using the ROSA test.

As a proudly Zimbabwean enterprise we are committed to developing and investing in local processing and manufacture, creating employment opportunity and contributing to the country’s economy all the while supporting the growth of the animal agricultural industry throughout the country.

As part of our integrated approach Fivet offers partner management support in the form of on farm biosecurity and vaccination audits, plus all herd health planning and monitoring in conjunction with on farm technical training, veterinary investigations and tailor made recommendations. Our veterinarians have a wide range of diagnostic tools available to them which allow for accurate and timely diagnosis of disease pathogens, these include molecular diagnostic PCR analysis for accurate pathogen identification and typing, serological ELISA tests used widely in poultry block monitoring and vaccine response analysis, micro biological tests used in the monitoring of hygiene programmes, water analysis, faecal egg counts to determine the presence and burden level of internal parasites and post mortems on all species.

Routinely audited and accredited by some of the leading global veterinary pharmaceutical companies Fivet boasts a GPN pharmaceutical liquid facility for packaging and anthelmintics and acaricides and a chemical laboratory using high performance liquid chromatography, HPCL and our product quality assurance programme.

All aspects of our services and products are held up to strict international standards. Partner with us to ensure your livestock and poultry venture grows from strength to strength.

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